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Purina: Purina Isn’t Bothered By Dog Food Infested With Fly Larvae, Maggots

“Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. After taking her dogs to the vet, Christina called Purina for an explanation, only to be told: “As soon as our food leaves our factory, it is no longer our responsibility.”

  • Faith Lipton

    I recently purchased a box of PURINA Kitten Chow and I plan on contacting Purina with the box (zip-locked separately)and it’s contents sent via USPS mail so they can see themselves what they expect their “healthy dogs and cats” to obtain.their nutrition from. I am certainly glad I looked before chow time. I expect better treatment…let’s hope. treattEgotten.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////..