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Pit Bull Lovers Gather In Washington To Show That Dogs ‘Are Born Inherently Good’

Pit bull lovers gathered at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday for a demonstration against “breed-specific legislation” — laws that ban or otherwise restrict ownership of dogs by breed, most often aimed at pit bulls.

“Thank you for coming today,” shouted comedian Rebecca Corry, who organized the Million Pibble March — “pibble” being the affectionate name for pitties — on behalf of her dog Angel, who’d been severely abused by a previous owner.

“Today we are sending the message to legislators on the federal, state and local levels that killing and banning the victim is not and never will be OK, or the answer,” said Corry. “People trying to put an end to pit bull terriers live at a low level and need rescuing, too. Sadly, trying to reason with dumb is like asking a person with no arms to give you a hug.”

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Charging dog shot, killed by Colorado Springs police

A dog was fatally shot by police early Friday morning after it reportedly charged at them

Colorado Springs officers were on Sandpiper Drive investigating a report of a disturbance when the pit bull began to run at them, police said.

According to the police blotter report, officers repeatedly tried to get the animal to stop but it kept coming. One of the officers shot the dog to keep from getting attacked, the report said. Other officers also used their guns, firing four shots at the pit bull.

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Video: Detroit grapples with stray dog epidemic

Detroit (CNN) — Nineteen-year-old James Johnson found a young pit bull puppy running up Seven Mile Road in Detroit this week. He took her in and named her Trina.

It’s not the first stray dog Johnson has found on the streets of Motor City. Four years ago, he found an emaciated pit bull he named Campsite hiding beneath a trailer.

In America’s biggest bankrupt city — currently more than $18 billion in debt and home to 70,000-plus vacant structures — there is another problem: Tens of thousands of stray dogs roam the streets.

As many of Detroit’s residents struggle to get by, many of its dogs are left abandoned — scavenging for food wherever they can find it.

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Roving pit bull dogs attack 2 people in Seattle

SEATTLE — Two pit bull dogs running loose attacked a 3-year-old girl and 74-year-old woman Thursday night in south Seattle.

Police say the little girl, her sister and mother had just left church and were trying to climb into their car when one dog bit the girl in the face. The second dog bit the girl on the head, leaving two puncture wounds. Some men in the group chased off the dogs.

Roving pit bull dogs attack 2 people in Seattle – AP State Wire News – The Sacramento Bee


Dog warden stops puppy kills; won’t halt euthanizing ‘pit bulls’

“Dog Warden Tom Skeldon claims to have stopped killing all but the sickest puppies in his pound, but will continue to put down “pit bulls,” young and old, a member of the warden oversight committee said yesterday.”

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