Youngstown News, East Side dog attack puts mail carrier in hospital

One man was wheeled out of Youngstown Municipal Court just before his arraignment Thursday after being cited on charges of obstructing justice after his dog mauled a letter carrier.

The carrier is hospitalized in intensive care, officials said.

About 2:40 p.m. on the East Side, officers were called to the 700 block of Verona Avenue when an assistant dog warden and paramedics called for help after a letter carrier, Shawn Miller, suffered a bite from his lower jaw to his eye, reports said.

While there, the dog’s owner, Robert Baldowski, 60, was rude to emergency workers, according to reports.

Reports said the dog was chained but broke loose and bit Miller as he prepared to pepper spray it. Miller was taken to the intensive-care unit at St. Elizabeth Health Center, according to reports.

Dog Warden Dave Nelson said postal inspectors were at the house Thursday and interviewing witnesses, and there is a chance Baldowski might face federal charges. Nelson said during his tenure on the job he has seen only three other attacks on carriers that have been this vicious.

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