Give Your Pooch the Gift of Wisdom This Holiday

ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ — There is no greater love than the adoration you receive from man’s best friend. This holiday season, return the love by gifting your four legged friend with Wisdom Panel(TM) Insights, the most comprehensive mixed-breed cheek swab DNA test on the market. It will not only help explain his ancestry, but may also provide valuable Insights to help you strengthen the bond with your canine companion.

The new do-it-yourself doggie DNA test from Mars Veterinary(TM), an established name in canine genetic breed identification and a division of MARSĀ® Incorporated – a global leader in pet care – is the result of advancements in canine genetic testing technology, making it possible for dog owners to access unrivaled breed detection inexpensively and conveniently. With the simple swipe of a cheek swab, Wisdom Panel Insights can determine the ancestry of a mixed-breed dog by testing for more than 170 breeds, the largest database on the market. Within three weeks, dog owners can download an official Ancestry Report that reveals the dog’s genetic background.

A dog’s ancestry can influence him in surprising ways. Obvious and not-so-obvious physical traits plus behaviors like digging, herding and barking all come from the various breeds in a dog’s family tree. Once an owner understands a dog’s natural tendencies, it makes it possible to create a tailored training, exercise and nutrition program to fit his one-of-a-kind needs.

‘Treating your pet with the gift of knowledge is a very special gift you can provide this holiday,’ said Dr. Neale Fretwell, chief geneticist at Mars Veterinary. ‘It’s not only about satisfying your curiosity. The smarter you are about your dog’s past, the smarter you can be about his future.’

Mars Veterinary launched their first veterinary administered, blood-based Wisdom Panel(TM) MX test in 2007 (recently relaunched and expanded as Wisdom Panel(TM) Professional). The state-of-the-art Wisdom Panel tests from Mars Veterinary are based on nearly a decade of extensive research, drawing from the expertise of leading scientists, veterinarians, universities and breed organizations throughout the world. Their development included the analysis of more than 19 million DNA markers from more than 13,000 dogs. As a result, the tests are the most complete and comprehensive products on the market, able to detect the breed composition of a mixed-breed dog with unprecedented accuracy.

Wisdom Panel Insights is now available for mixed-breed dogs across the U.S. for only $79.99 online at