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Bad Dog

My dog, Chance, is old. White fur circles his eyes, coats his muzzle, sprouts between his toes. Although still alive, he looks like a ghost. He used to stand like a champion, his chest and muzzle forward, his hind legs back. Now he can hardly support himself when he sits, balancing precariously like a pile of kindling propped against itself.

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Dog culls for leishmaniasis: How many dog lives is one human life worth?

How much is a dog’s life worth? Less than a human life, obviously, but how much less? Would you kill 1,000 dogs to save one human? A million dogs? Perhaps you’re an absolutist, and you’d sacrifice every dog in the world to save one person. But what if you weren’t sure how many people you’d save? How many dogs would you euthanize for a 10 percent chance of saving one human?

This sounds like chatter at an exceptionally morbid cocktail party, but it’s not the slightest bit hypothetical. For the past 20 years, public health experts in parts of Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe have debated the ethics and efficacy of large-scale dog culling to prevent transmission of a deadly human disease.

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Fake Service Dogs on the Rise

Seen a dog wearing a service vest sitting on its owner’s lap in a restaurant? Or barking the way a pet dog is wont to yip?

More dogs may be posing as service animals in order to gain access to cafes or schools or wherever their owners would like them to go. Canine Companions for Independence, a service dogs training program, is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to stop the online sale of fake service dog certification products.

Dog owners can buy “disguises” — vests, patches, papers — online for $65; there are no federal laws that require ID for service dogs, so businesses can’t ask owners to display proof that their dog is a service animal. The U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives people with disabilities the right to be accompanied by a trained service dog in privately-owned businesses.

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Getting dogs to give blood takes more than cookies

GAINESVILLE — Most dogs probably don’t like going to the doctor any more than most people do.

But Louie Clark, a 6-year-old mixed breed, was lapping it up recently at the University of Florida’s small animal hospital. He got belly rubs, treats and playtime like he was at the dog park instead of the hospital.

In exchange, all Louie had to do was sit patiently for about five minutes while technician Kim Koelbel drew blood from the jugular vein in his neck, gathering nearly a pint of blood — which is what a person typically donates.

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Dogs train to sniff out trouble for diabetics

For 27 years, Sarah Breidenbach of St. Paul, Minn., had a foolproof way of knowing when her blood sugar level was dangerously low.

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child, she could spot the early warning signs — feeling shaky and anxious.

Then one night while sleeping, her blood sugar level plummeted, causing a violent seizure that sent her to the hospital. Over the next 18 months, paramedics made 178 trips to her home.

That’s when her doctor prescribed an unusual tool to help manage her diabetes: a dog.

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Mystery person drops off 50 dogs outside 2 animal shelters in Canada

RICHMOND, British Columbia, Aug. 31 (UPI) — Animal protection officials in British Columbia say someone abandoned 50 dogs outside two shelters.

Thirty-eight dogs were found in cages at a shelter in Richmond and a dozen more were left outside one in Westminster, the Richmond News reported.

Carol Reichert, executive director of the Richmond Animal Protection Society shelter, said the dogs, mostly smaller dogs such as terriers, Yorkie and Chihuahua crossbreeds, appeared to be in relatively good health.

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