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Factions vie for control of Menifee Valley animal rescue group

“Will the real president of the Menifee Valley Humane Society please stand up?

For the past three months, two people have been claiming that title. And, the U.S. Postal Service is holding all the organization’s mail until it becomes clear who’s in charge.

On May 6, a Riverside County probate judge is set to decide which board of directors will receive a check and estate that was recently bequeathed to the animal rescue group.”

Factions vie for control of Menifee Valley animal rescue group | Local News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California


Pet Adoptathon set for May 1

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., April 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2 more than 2,000 animal shelters around the world will unite with North Shore Animal League America for Pet Adoptathon® 2010, the premiere global pet adoption event. Renowned dog expert Cesar Millan, National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer, is the spokesperson for the 16th annual global adoption extravaganza that helps save the lives of homeless pets. Purina ONE® serves as Pet Adoptathon’s presenting sponsor.

On Saturday, May 1, participating shelters will open their doors for this important weekend event. Pet Adoptathon events have taken place in shelters located in every time zone around the world, and in 2009 over 20,000 pets were saved. The first Pet Adoptathon, in 1995, began as a North Shore Animal League adoption event, with the goal of finding homes for each pet in the shelter. Encouraged by its success, the Animal League invited shelters worldwide to participate in Pet Adoptathon. Sixteen years since its inception, Pet Adoptathon has helped find loving homes for nearly 300,000 animals.

Spokesperson Cesar Millan, who has helped dog owners world-wide, is a supporter of shelter adoptions, saying, ‘Millions of many wonderful animals end up in shelters each year, and adoption provides these animals their second chance at life.’ He added that he would like to convey a sense of contribution and appeal to the inner need for humanitarianism. ‘The act of adopting a dog creates balance and completeness in our lives by fulfilling the need in every human of contribution, if only for a moment. Really, who is saving who?’

Pet Adoptathon promotes the adoption of mixed-breed pets, known as Mutt-i-grees™. These animals represent the majority of shelter pets; unfortunately they also make up the majority of the pets that are being euthanized. Mutt-i-grees rallies 25 million mixed-breed pet owners in the U.S. to encourage adoption of mixed-breed pets and to help end puppy mills that perpetuate animal cruelty and euthanasia. Participating shelters and rescues are official Mutt-i-grees partners to help spread the word about these wonderful unique adoptable animals. Learn more about Mutt-i-grees by visiting


Dogs can suffer tooth pain

“IT CAN be hard to resist letting your pooch polish off the scraps from your plate, or giving him the odd biscuit as a treat. But poor dental health is one of the biggest undiagnosed problems in dogs and cats, according to local vets. They say around a quarter of pets have serious teeth problems, which can sometimes lead to life-threatening illness.”

Pets: Dogs can suffer tooth pain – Edinburgh Evening News


Puppy mill owner, employee out on bail

“Guilford County, NC — The owner and an employee of a kennel subject to a puppy mill investigation are out of jail on bond.”

Sheila Savage, owner of Rush Kennel in Pleasant Garden, and Robert Landreth, an employee at the facility, both face 12 counts of animal cruelty.

Rush Kennel Customer Euthanized Sick Dog | | Triad, NC | Local


FREE Emergency Dog Halter

From Instructibles: “I came up with this idea one day when I was taking my dog out for a walk and found out that she had chewed off her halter. What I did was made a temporary halter using just the leash. You can make this out of any length leash. Here are the pictures showing how to make it.”

FREE Emergency Dog Halter


‘A phenomenal dog’: Owner, SPCA mourn pit bull rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring

“When Red first came to Monterey County, having a family and a home was foreign to the 6-year-old pit bull. ‘He didn’t know what to do with a [pet] door or what a ceiling fan was,’ said Beth Brookhouser, SPCA for Monterey County director of community outreach.

Red was one of three pit bulls rescued from football player Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation in Virginia. He spent his life in a kennel. This week, Red’s owner and the SPCA are mourning his death.”

‘A phenomenal dog’: Owner, SPCA mourn pit bull rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring | | The Salinas Californian


From Rags to Riches, Doggie Style

“The canine co-stars of the touring production of the Broadway hit ‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ are Humane Society pups, now living the life of luxury. Frankie the chihuahua plays Bruiser, Elle Wood’s pampered pet in Legally Blonde The Musical. According to stage manager, Chris Danner, he and his understudy, Roxy, are the real stars of the show. ‘When they walk out of the stage door like everybody else, they get the most attention,’ Danner tells CNN.”

From Rags to Riches, Doggie Style – Tonic


Officers investigate puppy mill

“ATHENS, AL (WAFF) – Officials are investigating an illegal puppy mill where more than two dozen dead dogs were stored in a freezer.”

Officers investigate puppy mill – North Alabama News, Radar, Weather, Sports and Jobs-: