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¡¡¡¡Feliz día del amigo!!!!

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Pet Friendly Travel Tips

“Traveling with your favorite canine or feline can be an expensive, but there are some ways you can save some cash. Kelli Grant, Sr. Consumer Reporter for, discusses making traveling with pets more economical.”

CBS News


Dog’s life on holiday with canine friendly motorhomes

“Sheffield businessman Charles Glover is hoping to wow pet loving, stay at home holidaymakers with his new ‘Bark’n’Ride’ dog friendly motorhomes.”

The South Yorkshire Star


Forget The Frisbee, Cool Dogs Catch Waves : NPR

“Southern California, the birthplace of sixties surf culture, is seeing a new trend — surfing dogs. We’re not talking about a few wonder pooches — these dogs are taking classes and even entering surf competitions.”

Weekend Edition from NPR


Basil’s fancy, custom-made dog carrier

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Man, dogs on long walk to battle canine cancer

“A man on a 2,000-mile awareness mission walked along the local bike and hike trail this week with his two dogs. Luke Robinson and his two Great Pyrenees – Hudson and Murphy – camped out in Elizabeth and Rostraver townships for two days earlier this week, en route from Austin, Tex., to Boston, Mass., to raise awareness and funds for canine cancer.”

Pittsburgh Tribune Review


What ?

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Boston restaurant embraces dog days

“Our furry friends — only dogs in this case — will raise the funds themselves by throwing back a few “doggie cocktails” at the restaurant’s “K-9 and Cocktails” event on Saturday, Aug. 15. Pooches who attend the event can sample a “beeftini,” a blended brew of beef broth; a “veggie Mary,” doggie vegetable juice or the “tail wagger,” a smokey chicken broth, for $1 each.”

Boston Business Journal


Don’t think for a minute that dogs can survive in a hot car

“It’s 11 a.m., 75 degrees. In the Safeway parking lot, two hairy dogs are panting and pacing in a car with windows cracked about 5 inches. They’re hot and unhappy, but not yet in distress, I think. I wait a couple of minutes, then call the humane society. I share the facts, including that one dog has just crammed itself under the steering wheel, evidently to get out of the blazing sunlight…”

USA Today



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