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Purina: Purina Isn’t Bothered By Dog Food Infested With Fly Larvae, Maggots

“Christina’s two dogs fell ill after eating Purina Beneful infested with maggots and fly larvae. After taking her dogs to the vet, Christina called Purina for an explanation, only to be told: “As soon as our food leaves our factory, it is no longer our responsibility.”


Canine pal inspires bicyclist’s trek across U.S.

“Oregon resident Ted Schneck is riding his bicycle 4,281 miles to honor one special dog. But he hopes his journey will help many more.

Schneck conceived the four-month ‘Dog Cancer Ride Across America,’ which he began in Astoria, Ore., 3,650 miles before reaching Knoxville on Aug. 21, in memory of his dog, Marty, who died of nasal cancer earlier this year. His projected end is at Virginia Beach, Va., this month.”

Visit the Dog Cancer Ride Across America website

Canine pal inspires bicyclist’s trek across U.S. Knoxville News Sentinel


The dog who swallowed a mobile phone

“Nero, a Doberman-Great Dane crossbreed, found his eyes were bigger than his stomach when he snatched a Nokia mobile phone from his owners hand and swallowed it.

The giant canine paid the price for his greedy nature, when he was the subject of a major operation leaving him with a large scar and ten stitches on his belly.”

The Telegraph


Putting Your Dog On A Doggie Diet

“Think your dog could stand to lose a few extra pounds? You’re not alone.

Here are some fast facts:

Americans have more than 40 million pet dogs and surprisingly about 40 percent are overweight or obese, but fewer than 20 percent of us think our dogs are actually overweight.”

Putting Your Dog On A Doggie Diet – News – –:


‘Rent-a-dog’ pleases some canine lovers, has others barking mad

Taipei Times: “Enthusiasts say renting dogs helps people learn how to treat canines better, but many animal lovers deride the concept as cruel”


Our rescue dog

Our rescue dog | Life and style | The Guardian: “Barney Bardsley decided to get a dog when her husband, Tim, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the difficult times to come, Muffin was to play a crucial role”


Dog has 13 golf balls removed during operation

“A dog had to have 13 golf balls removed from his stomach after eating them during walks.

Oscar, a five-year-old black Labrador, was taken to the vet after his owner noticed a rattling noise coming from his pet’s stomach.

The vet, Bob Hesketh, was stunned: ‘When I went into his stomach I was expecting one or two balls but they just kept coming.’ One of the balls had been in Oscar’s stomach so long, it had turned black.”

Dog has 13 golf balls removed during op | UK news |