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23 Dogs Dead From Contaminated Dog Food

Contaminated dog food which was sold in 22 states, including Massachusetts, killed nearly two dozen dogs and sickened 18 more, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday.
WCVB TV Boston


Task force to repress dog trade

“A task force of dozens of Southern California animal control agencies Tuesday outlined ambitious plans to attack the “puppy pipeline” – a network of breeders and smugglers who sneak puppies across the border from Mexico into California.”

Whittier (CA) Daily News


Designer dogs fetch a bundle

Chicago Tribune


Andi the Ohio Police Dog Named in Lawsuit

‘One of the defendants has more than a leg to stand on in a lawsuit filed by a convicted drug dealer. Andi has four legs. He’s a dog used by the Athens County Sheriff’s Department.’

Associated Press via San Francisco Chronicle


Sympathetic owner no help to storm-phobic canines

Having a sympathetic owner did not lower the stress reaction of dogs that become anxious or fearful during noisy thunderstorms but living in a multi-dog household did, a Penn State study has found.

Penn State press release


The Christmas Puppy – Why you shouldn’t get one.

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