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Howloween With Your Dog

“The day for trick or treating will soon be here, yet, neither tricks nor too many treats are good for your dog, and Halloween can certainly be a scary experience for your pet.”

AKC News


Bondsman puts wheels under two-legged puppy

“She may have just two legs, but now thanks to a local man’s generosity, Precious the puppy has a doggie wheelchair and a lot of determination to help her walk and run on two legs and two wheels.”

Shawnee (OK) News-Star


Citizens work to save dachshunds, greyhounds

“Two breeds have special rescue friends in the Kerrville area. Christine McEntyre of Kerrville helps dachshunds and Pam and Bob Crown of Comfort give respite to greyhounds.”

Kerrville Daily Times


Halloween Designer Duds For Dogs

Sure, any old dog can go out trick-or-treating in a mass-produced costume. For less than $30, he can be a pumpkin, a devil, an astronaut, a cheerleader or – oh, the insult! – a cat. But what about that very special pooch, the dog whose fur should never touch vinyl and who wouldn’t be caught dead in the same costume as the mutt down the block?

Associated Press


Don’t let your dog destroy your yard

“Many people who are avid gardeners are also avid pet owners. Pets and people enjoy being outside together, but the exuberance of an active dog can quickly destroy the structure and beauty of a garden. But with some careful planning and consideration, pets and the garden can coexist peacefully.”

Amador Ledger Dispatch


Canines at the car wash

‘”Come wash your dog and your truck,” said Rob Madrid, Wave Wash general manager. “Scrub your dogs down.” With shiny coats, clean teeth and fewer fleas, the dogs can then play at the fenced-in Wave Wash dog park, complete with hoops, doors and other colorful puppy playground equipment. Frank Meneghetti, the owner, decided to fuse the two business ideas when he realized how much people like to wash their own cars and trucks.’

Fort Worth Star Telegram


Doggy Alzheimer’s Disease

“Have you noticed changes in your aging dog’s zest for life? Has she stopped greeting you at the door? Has he forgotten once familiar old tricks or stopped responding to even basic commands? Many dog owners attribute changes like this to normal aging, but personality changes and forgetful behavior is not a normal part of dogs growing old.”

Bella Online


Don’t blame the breed

“If the bite of Ontario politicians is as bad as their bark, expect a province-wide ban on a mythical breed of canine known as the “pit bull.” The breed is mythical for two reasons. One, its fabled ferocity is the stuff of legends. Two, it’s a breed that doesn’t exist.”

National Post


Dogs become kids’ reading buddies

Some Iowa first-graders are learning to be more confident readers with the help of two canine reading buddies. Students in Jennifer Rich’s first-grade literacy block class at Terrace Elementary School have been reading to two golden retrievers named Cassie and Stoney.

Des Moines Register


A life owed to a pork chop? – Dog rescued from trap

“The tempting smell of a pork chop just might have saved a dog’s life. Trapped in a hole covered with 1,000-pound boulders for nearly three days, an Australian shepherd was coaxed to safety with the help of a plucky backhoe driver’s lunch.”

The Union (Grass Valley, CA)