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World Class Dogs Take The Challenge

GENEVA, December 1 /PRNewswire/ —

Eukanuba World Challenge 2009 – Geneva 30th November 2009

Eukanuba proudly announce the 41 extraordinary dogs representing their countries in the Eukanuba World Challenge 2009. These accomplished dogs will travel from nations across the globe to meet up in Long Beach, California. This unique international event will take place on 12th & 13th December, hosted by the AKC/Eukanuba National Championships at their 125th Special Anniversary Show. These 41 international dogs will come face to face as they intensely compete for the highly prized Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2009 title along with the $10,000 prize money to be awarded by the distinguished worldwide judge, Mr Frank Sabella from America. There will be prizes of $3,000 and $2,000 awarded to the runner up and first runner up respectively.

The majority of these participating dogs are ‘Multi titled Champions’ and collectively they have amassed hundreds upon hundreds of BIS titles and group win awards from Kennel Clubs around the world. This truly international event, made possible by the co-operation of Eukanuba, the American Kennel Club and the FCI along with their membership of national Kennel Clubs, promises to present an incredible display of great dogs that will thrill spectators, breeders and exhibitors alike.

The event will be filmed for broadcast; the opening flag ceremony and non geographical section judging will take place on Saturday 12th. The four respected FCI judges will each select 3 winners from their section. These 12 finalists will go through to the final scheduled to be judged in the main ring on Sunday evening 13th.

Section One – Judged By Carla Molinari from Portugal

Estonia -*European Qualifying Dog*- Olga Gorbatsjova & Mr Galiakberov’s Greyhound Ch Estet Classic Glamorous

Finland – Ilpo Ojala & Kirsi Numela’s Lowchen, Ch Chic Choix Markey Lifar

Ireland – David and Morag Connolly and Judith Gregory’s Border Collie Ch Tonkory Move over To Huntly

Malta -*European Qualifying Dog*- Ivan Calleja & Dennis Ciappra’s Alaskan Malamute Ch Sno Quest’s King of Landwood

Mexico – Dalmau Costa & Olivia Maupome’s Kerry Blue Terrier Ch Hasani Rafiq

Slovakia – Martina Hudcovicova’s Tibetian Mastiff Ch Jatayu Senge Gangkar

South Africa – Mr & Mrs Matthys’ Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ch Sylon of Mon’etRouge

South Korea – Mr Han Chul Khan’s Toy Poodle Ch Kalien Folder

Switzerland – Mr & Mrs Salina Borello’s Newfoundland Multi Ch. Fairweather\’s A Great Pretender

UK – *FCI European Show Winner* – Andrew Goodsell’s Wire Fox Terrier, Ch Blackdale Carousel

USA – Sean & Tammy McCarthy & Helyne Medeiros’ Pointer Ch Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry

Section Two – Judged by Greg Eva (South Africa)

Argentina – Norberto Guillermo Diaz’s Dobermann Ch De Lex Luther Flashdance

Australia – Sue Huebner & Penelope Kelly’s Hungarian Puli Ch Cordmaker Topsy Turvey

Canada – Mr & Mrs Riser & Mrs Paquette’s Bouvier des Flandres Ch Quiche’s Demetris

France – Dieter Coton’s Afghan Hound Multi Ch Polos Black Cinder at Andros

Germany – Katja & Sabine Rauhut’s Tibetian Terrier Ch Ti La Shu United Magic Colours

Hungary – Sandor Kozak’s Golden Retriever Ch. Dewmist Silk Screen

Japan – Yukiko Harada’s Borzoi Ch Jubilee Celestial Lumination

Norway – Tor & Inger Lise Johansen’s German Shepherd Ch Zanta av quantos

Portugal – Joao & Rute Soares’ Weimararner Ch Casa de Juno Amazing Grace

Spain – Visitation Echeverria’s Bearded Collie Ch ULICH. Frodo de Gianvie

Section Three – Judged by Roberto Pico Velez Pico (Puerto Rico)

Austria – Fam Brezovczky & E Weselik Preissl’s English Setter Ch Yaspers Lucky Spirit von der Guldegg

Brazil – Victor Malzoni’s Wire Fox Terrier Ch Sanherping Arepa

China – Ziachun Liu’s Golden Retriever Ch Caeser of Hai Run Kennel

New Zealand – Shona Prebble’s Siberian Husky Melandor MacKenzie

Philippines – Jermyn Jay Tan & Franck Lao’s Beagle Ch Orobay Back To Reality

Poland – Beata Klawinska’s Polish Lowland Sheepdog Ch IZBA z Gangu Dlugich

Slovenia *European Qualifying Dog*- Maja Golob’s Siberian Husky Ch Tokima’s Northwest Passage

Sweden – Mr & Mrs Erikson’s Saluki Ch Shiraz Califorinia Dreaming

United Kingdom – Tarja Jarvinen’s Bulldog Ch Black Hope Brando

Venezuela – *FCI Americas Show Winner*- Teresa Lambolgia’s Bulldog Ch Aurybull Galileo G AKA Pupo

Section Four – Judged by Sergio Meira Lopez de Castro (Brazil)

Belgium – Roosen Jan & Elisa Adeloos-Devos’ Papillon – Ch Queen Bless JP Royal Connection

Czech Republic – Dana Brzkovska’s Bohemian Wire Haired Pointing Griffon Dar z Hutske Osady

Denmark – Lotte Frokjaer Knudsen & Joh Steffensen’s Scottish Terrier Ch Ayrzol Ozone

Italy – M Tripoli & Mrs Ahrens’ Bracco Italiano Ch Axel del Monte Alago

Netherlands – Mrs Gwen Huikeshoven’s Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Ch Cappuccino van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes

Puerto Rico – Miguel Angel Negron Olivella’s Thai Ridgeback Ch. Silver Ja Saak

Russia – Airedale Terrier Ch Rus Kornels Stolichnaya Krasavitsa

Taiwan – *FCI Asia Show Winner*- Yu Sang Sung’s Toy Poodle Ch Smash JP Three Belle Jackpot

Taiwan – Mrs Wen-Ling Chiu’s Golden Retreiver Ch Wyoming’s Over And Over Again

Uruguay – Carlos A Bruno Collado’s Beagle Ch Blue Bird de Pueblo Chico

SOURCE Eukanuba”