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Video: Man survives 46-vehicle crash, rescues dog

Fox 2 News Headlines


Calls and emails have been coming into the Fox 2 newsroom about a dog rescued from a deadly chain reaction crash in Indiana. Sadly, his owner is one of three people who died. A local man is working to find the dog a home. (He says no more calls are needed. Enough people have expressed interest in adopting Sparkie.)

Click on the video player to watch Robin Schwartz’s report.

There was wreckage as far as the eye could see Thursday on I-94 near Michigan City, Indiana. 46 cars, SUVs and semis collided during a sudden white out. Bob Sharpe of White Lake was in the pile up that killed a man from Chicago and a couple from Grand Rapids and left more than two dozen others injured. We spoke to Bob by phone.

"The accident scene was massive carnage," he told Fox 2. "I was the lucky one. I came to a stop behind a bunch of vehicles that were crashing in front of me, vehicles were passing me and crashing behind me and I didn’t get touched."

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