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Video: Dog’s Emotional Return to Navy Lieutenant Resonates Online

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and one dog seemed to prove that overwhelmingly in a heartfelt, emotional reaction to seeing her owner when he returned from a six-month overseas deployment with the U.S. Navy.

The video posted to YouTube shows Lt. Gary Daugherty coming up the stairs inside his home, calling out, “Where’s Buggy? Where’s my puppy?”

The puppy – well, the dog, a black Labrador/blue heeler mix whose full name is Bugaboo – came rushing to greet him.

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Video: Detroit grapples with stray dog epidemic

Detroit (CNN) — Nineteen-year-old James Johnson found a young pit bull puppy running up Seven Mile Road in Detroit this week. He took her in and named her Trina.

It’s not the first stray dog Johnson has found on the streets of Motor City. Four years ago, he found an emaciated pit bull he named Campsite hiding beneath a trailer.

In America’s biggest bankrupt city — currently more than $18 billion in debt and home to 70,000-plus vacant structures — there is another problem: Tens of thousands of stray dogs roam the streets.

As many of Detroit’s residents struggle to get by, many of its dogs are left abandoned — scavenging for food wherever they can find it.

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Video: Deadly dog disease hits Ohio

NORWOOD, Ohio (WYKC) – A pet resort in Norwood, Ohio was closed after several dogs became mysteriously sick and died.

The dogs were healthy one day then developed bloody diarrhea and bloody vomiting the next. The ones that died didn’t respond to treatment.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture put out a statement urging dog owners to monitor their dogs, but so far there haven’t been any cases outside southwest Ohio.

via Deadly dog disease hits Ohio | KSN TV.